Finding Your Facebook Profile URL

If you have created a personalized username on Facebook, you can use that instead of your profile URL. If you don’t have one or if you’re not sure, follow the steps below to locate your Facebook profile URL instead.

Finding Your Profile URL on the Facebook Website

  1. Click on your name and photo to view your own profile. You can usually find these links in the blue bar at the top of the page, or above the News Feed link in the side navigation. 

  2. Once viewing your profile, copy the web address displayed in your browser’s address bar. This should resemble one of the following formats:


Finding Your Profile URL in the Facebook Mobile App

  1. Tap on your profile photo to view your own profile.
  2. Once viewing your own profile, scroll down and tap the “More” or “…” button:

  3. Look for a “Copy Link to Profile” option, and tap it.

  4. If you’re having trouble finding this option, you can try using the Facebook website (following the instructions in the section “Finding Your Profile URL on the Facebook Website”) instead.