Accessing Restricted Content

If there’s content in your app that’s restricted, a lock icon appears in the navigation bar. If you believe you should have access, try these troubleshooting tips:

1.      Confirm you’re logged in

Look for your Account at the top of your main Menu or Event screen.

Your Account will indicate whether or not you’re logged in.

If you’re not logged in, tap Account to log in or create your account.

2.      Confirm you’re logged in with the email address that your organization has for you

If you’re logged in with a different email address:

Tap on the photo or initials by your name.
Tap “Profile Information”.
Add a new email address.

Validate your email address

If your name has an exclamation point by it:

Your email address is not yet verified. 

Resend the verification email by tapping on the photo or initials by your name and then following the instructions under “Profile Information”.

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